Yallourn in the Latrobe Valley is Australia’s dirtiest, most polluting, coal power station.

Yallourn has not been upgraded since it was built in 1973. Every day, the power station spews out climate destroying carbon pollution and toxic chemicals, including sulfur, nitrous oxide, mercury and small particles.

Coal pollution from Yallourn causes asthma, lung disease, premature death, and the birth of sick, undersized babies.

Yallourn is run by Energy Australia, a foreign owned mega-energy corporate.

The power station burns 18 million tonnes of dirty brown coal each year, which is more than would be mined at the proposed Adani mine in Queensland.

Energy Australia’s management of Yallourn has been plagued by environmental and workplace safety failures.

  • In February 2015, Yallourn power station polluted the local Morwell river with 170 backyard swimming pools worth of toxic ash slurry
  • Throughout 2017, Yallourn failed to meet pollution standards on three occasions and a spokesperson for the company admitted to lying about pollution levels.
  • In 2018, a worker died while undertaking maintenance on the ageing power station.

Yallourn is a dinosaur of a power station. It must urgently be retired, and replaced with new jobs in clean, renewable energy.

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