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End the secrecy at Alcoa's coal plant

Alcoa, a coal company who recently shut their coal plant in Anglesea, are exempt from Freedom of Information laws.

The Anglesea kindergarten had just one day warning before Alcoa detonated explosives at its asbestos-filled coal plant in Anglesea. Now the community can’t even get basic information about whether there is still asbestos in the plant or whether the town’s health was put at risk. Why? Because Labor is shielding Alcoa with special exemption from FOI laws.

On the 24th July, Ellen Sandell and the Greens will introduce a Bill to get rid of Alcoa’s special exemption from FOI laws.

Last time Ellen did this, in 2015, the Andrews Labor Government used their numbers to vote it down.

Sign our petition and tell Labor to support our Bill to stop the secrecy and get rid of Alcoa’s FOI exemption.

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Why is this important?

Alcoa has begun demolition of its asbestos-filled power station in Anglesea, giving the local primary school four days’ notice and the kindergarten just one day of warning. Alcoa detonated explosives on the site, not only outside the designated time, but with winds blowing towards the town.

Now the community can’t even get basic information about what happened because Alcoa has a special exemption from FOI laws, and the Andrews Labor Government supports this secrecy.

In 2015, the Greens introduced laws to get rid of the FOI exemption, but Labor used their numbers to vote it down. The secrecy must end.

On the next Parliament sitting day - 24th July 2018 - the Greens will reintroduce our Bill to scrap Alcoa’s unjust FOI exemption. Use your voice to tell Labor they must support this Bill.   

Alcoa must be made to clean up properly, as part of a planned future beyond coal.

Now, more than ever, we need a rapid transition to 100 per cent renewable energy to protect our climate and our future. With more power stations being replaced by clean energy, it is not good enough that coal companies can make a mess and walk away without full transparency on their plans.

Our local communities deserve better, and so does the environment. Alcoa’s actions will set the bar for other power stations and mine sites transitioning beyond coal.

Alcoa must be made to clean up openly and properly.

Thank you for supporting the truth for Anglesea and a safe future for coal communities across Victoria.