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The climate crisis is happening now and it will get drastically worse without bold and transformative action.

Here in Victoria, we’re experiencing more deadly heatwaves, our farms are crippled by drought, bushfires are getting more catastrophic and coastal towns and beaches are being lost to rising seas. 

Right now, the Victorian Labor Government is seeking submissions on climate pollution reduction targets for our state. We only have until 22 July to share our views. 

The Government is already hearing from the coal and gas lobby. These powerful industries want to put the handbrake on climate action so they can continue to get rich while our world burns. 

Together, we must counter the powerful coal and gas lobby as a strong and engaged community speaking up for a safe climate and our future.

Please make a submission today by filling in the box below. 

Submission tips and tricks

We know that submissions carry more weight when they are unique and written from the heart. That's why we've given you an empty box below to write yours. 

However, we also know that writing your own submission can be intimidating, so we've prepared some points to help if you like. We encourage you to cut and paste and modify what we've written, to reflect the climate action that is most important to you. 

We also know that personal stories are powerful, so why not tell yours? You can talk about the climate impacts you are seeing and the kind of strong climate action you would like from a truly progressive government. 

Points you might like to make . . . 

The climate crisis is already here
I am deeply concerned about the climate crisis. Victoria is already seeing dangerous climate impacts, like deadly heatwaves, extreme bushfires, species being pushed to the brink of extinction and the impacts of sea level rises. I want to see a government that takes the most ambitious action possible to tackle this climate crisis and protects our future.

Victoria must be bold and ambitious
I want to see targets of at least 50% pollution reduction by 2025 and 80% by 2030. These targets are consistent with limiting temperature increases to 1.5 degrees Celsius. We need ambition and action now. We cannot continue to push climate action down the road. The costs of acting now are less than the cost of inaction and having to act later. In the absence of leadership from a Federal Coalition Government, it's more important than ever for Victoria to show Canberra what climate leadership looks like. 

Build new renewable energy
I am pleased to see strong government support for new renewable energy and storage projects, and for household solar. I want to see this momentum continued, but with an increased public investment and more support for community-owned projects. I'd also like the Government to support the Star of the South wind project so Victoria can be home to Australia's first offshore wind project.

Treat energy as an essential service
Energy is an essential service and it should be in public hands. Privatisation of energy hurt Victorians, especially in the Latrobe Valley, and has led to skyrocketing bills. I want to see Victoria's transformation to renewable energy as one that supports communities, not just large private energy companies. I would like to see the Government buy back our energy network, and set up a public energy retailer, so we can ensure that all Victorian's have access to reliable, affordable and clean power. 

We must be honest about coal
Coal is the single biggest cause of climate change. I want to see the Government urgently plan for the replacement of all Victoria's coal power stations by 2030, in line with recommendations from the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change. The government must also stop subsiding the coal industry, like the $50 million for coal to hydrogen. The Government should instead invest in a transition plan for workers and industries.

Replace Yallourn, Australia's dirtiest power station
Australia's dirtiest, most polluting, coal power station is Yallourn, right here in Victoria. Yallourn is destroying the climate and harming the local community with toxic chemical pollution. Yallourn must be replaced by 2022, with a strong and fair transition plan for workers. 

Transition to a gas-free Victoria
Gas, like coal, is a fossil fuel that destroys our climate. I want to see the Government develop a plan to urgently phase out gas in Victoria. This will reduce household and industry energy bills and ensure we protect our climate. I want to see the Government stop the proposed gas-import terminal at Westernport Bay, stop plans for new offshore gas drilling, make the onshore gas moratorium permanent and stop the roll out of new gas infrastructure to new homes.

Transforming transport
Transport is the second biggest source of emissions for Victoria and our fastest growing. We urgently need to stop building new mega-roads, like the West Gate toll road and the North-East Link, and instead build new public transport and make our cities more active-transport friendly.

Protect our forests for their carbon
Victoria's forests are spectacular and I am devastated to see them destroyed so a multi-national corporate can make mega profits turning them into cheap paper. The Government needs to be protecting our precious native forests for their carbon, habitat and as the source of our clean drinking water. 

Better buildings
I want to see the Government set, and properly police, strong new standards so our buildings are energy efficient. I also want to see the Government better support the retrofitting of existing buildings by expanding the Victorian Energy Efficiency Program to include insulation and better accounting for more efficient appliances. Living and working in good buildings is the most efficient and cheapest way to reduce climate pollution. Done well, it will also create many new jobs and give people comfortable homes and workplaces. 

Regenerative farming
I want to see the Government reduce emissions from agriculture by protecting existing native vegetation on farms, supporting re-generation on farms, better soil management and reduced fertilizer application. I would also like to see the Government put in place policies to reduce meat and dairy production and instead invest in research for animal-free meat and dairy. 


Thank you for taking the time to make your own submission. Your voice really does make a difference!