Save Crib Point

Western Port Bay is one of the most beautiful parts of coast on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. But it's under threat. 

Fossil fuel giant AGL want to rush through an enormous floating gas ship that will destroy water quality, push dirty gas through a new pipeline and lead to massive climate and environmental destruction. 

We're calling on Planning Minister Dick Wynne to save our climate and block this proposal. 

Will you add your voice to our petition asking Dick Wynne to stop this project? 

Who's signing

Kate Mackenzie
Geoff Andrews
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Stephen McMurray
Alison Hoelzer
Elizabeth Ellen
Michael Gunter
Bro Sheffield-Brotherton
Kathie Farn
john neve
James Kilby
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Will you sign?

At this critical moment for acting on climate change and the future of our planet, state Labor look posed to approve a dirty gas project in one of the most pristine areas of our state, Crib Point in Western Port Bay. 

AGL are seeking approval for a floating gas facility and gas pipeline, but the last thing our state needs is more dirty and emitting fossil fuels. 

Planning Minister Dick Wynne can stop this project. The applications will land on his desk any day now. Join our campaign to block this outrageous proposal and Save Cribs Point.