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Daniel Andrews: Save Renewables, Stop the NEG

The Turnbull government’s National Energy Guarantee will mean current levels of dirty polluting coal will be locked in for a decade and the investment boom in renewables could stall.

So far the Victorian Labor government has been forced to stand against the NEG, but Daniel Andrews and Labor are under enormous pressure to wave through the NEG. With enough community pressure we can get Victorian Labor to stop the renewables-killing NEG.

Will you join our petition calling on Daniel Andrews to defend renewables and oppose the Turnbull government's renewables wrecking NEG?

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Why is this important?

The Smart Energy Council calls the NEG a dud and they are right. 
There are five fundamental flaws with the NEG:

  1. It doesn’t encourage investment in renewables or any form of new generation;
  2. It doesn’t cut coal pollution;
  3. It doesn’t reduce power bills;
  4. It can’t be easily changed by a future government;

  5. It means the rest of the economy such as transport and agriculture will have to do more to cut emissions.

Pressure from the Greens has forced Victorian Labor to delay a decision on the NEG, but Turnbull will only keep trying to push this climate destroying agenda. 

We have a very short window of time to force Daniel Andrews to block the NEG. Join our campaign to send Daniel Andrews a strong message that if he is serious about fighting climate, he has to block the NEG.