Replace Coal with Clean Energy

We call on State, Territory and Federal governments to work together on a plan for the retirement of all coal-fired power stations and a just transition for the workers and their communities.

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Why is this important?

More than half of Australia’s global warming pollution comes from the energy sector: and big polluting coal power stations are the main culprits.

Australia’s coal-fired power stations are old, polluting, last-century technology and many are already being closed as the electricity sector modernises with wind and solar.

Over the last 6 years at least 8 coal-fired power stations have been mothballed or closed.

Here’s why we need our governments to make a plan for a future beyond coal:

  • We must support the workers and communities of coal fired power stations transition to new jobs and new industries for their region
  • If we leave it to the market, the most polluting power stations will be the last to be closed, and communities will be left in the lurch with no plans for new industries to replace coal
  • Without a phased retirement plan, it is harder to plan for new investment in clean energy and build the electricity grid that can support renewable energy into the future.

That is why the Greens are joining with the climate movement, many companies in the energy industry and affected workers and communities in calling for a planned phase out of coal fired power stations including a transition plan for communities and workers.

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