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Yallourn is Australia's dirtiest power station. We're calling on the Victorian Government to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030, starting with replacing Yallourn.

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Why is this important?

At 4.56 pm on the 29th of March 2017, Australia’s dirtiest coal-fired power station, Hazelwood, closed.

The Greens were instrumental in making this happen. So now, we’ve set our sights on the new leader of the dirty, toxic energy pack: Yallourn.

Every day, Yallourn spews out emissions and toxic chemicals including sulfur, nitrous oxide and small particle pollution. 

It's time to replace Yallourn with clean energy and new jobs.

That's why we're calling on the government to replace Yallourn, instead of throwing it lifelines.

The transition from coal to renewables is too important to be left in the hands of big coal corporations.

Neither Labor nor the Liberals have a plan to move us away from coal and gas and towards renewables, or to reign in the big corporate coal companies.

In fact, Labor extended the mining license for Yallourn, allowing it to burn coal when it should have been shutting it down.

This election year, it's up to us.

Under our timetable for coal power station retirement, Yallourn will be replaced by renewable energy from 2020 and will be fully decommissioned by 2028.

That's why you need the Greens to push Labor into adopting a real climate policy.

The Greens’ plan will transition Victoria’s energy from coal to 100% renewable by 2030, starting with replacing Yallourn.

We will build large-scale, publicly owned renewable energy and big batteries, put solar and batteries on every Victorian school, and give renters and public housing tenants access to solar.

Our plan will deliver the clean energy future we need. You can see all the details here.