Save Renewables

Malcolm Turnbull announced that “renewables do not need to be subsidised any longer”.

His comments come off the back of an ACCC report into electricity prices that proposes abolishing the small-scale renewable energy scheme 9 years early and instead providing public subsidies for gas- and coal-fired power stations.

Will you join our campaign to save renewables, which are under attack from the ACCC on one side and Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull on the other?

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Will you sign?

The ACCC has released a 400 page report seeking to address rising electricity prices in Australia and it's dominating headlines across the country.

But the recommendations of the report propose policies that will strangle renewable energy. It could literally spell the end of federal policies that promote renewables in Australia.

The ACCC’s proposals to scrap support for renewables and to provide public money to ‘dispatchable’ power gives Malcolm Turnbull a chance to let Tony Abbott and his band of Trumplites on the backbench off the leash to spruik coal.

With the eyes of the country on the ACCC report this is our chance to urgently send a message to Malcolm Turnbull that we want to see renewables saved, not attacked.