Protect Beautiful Westernport Bay From AGLs Monster Gas Ship

Westernport Bay is one of the most beautiful parts of coast on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. But it's under threat. 

Fossil fuel giant AGL want to rush through an enormous floating gas ship that will pollute water, push dirty gas through a new pipeline and lead to massive climate and environmental destruction. 

At this critical moment for acting on climate change and the future of our planet, state Labor are backing a dirty gas project against the wishes of the local community.

Join the campaign to block this outrageous proposal and #SaveWesternport. 

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Will you sign?

Westernport Bay is an internationally recognised wetland with the world's southern most mangroves. It is home to rare migratory birds and is much loved by the local community.

AGL are seeking approval for a floating gas facility and new gas pipeline, but the last thing our state needs is more dirty and emitting fossil fuels. 

Add your voice to the campaign calling on the Victorian Labor Government to block this unnecessary and destructive project.