Host a Stop Adani Placard

We’re joining with our friends in the environment movement to plan a huge campaign to force Bill Shorten to rule out supporting the Adani mine. Labor have backed, subsidised and approved the mine. But if Labor changes its position the mine won't go ahead.

Here’s our strategy: we know that if Bill Shorten changes Labor’s position and commits to reviewing Commonwealth approval, Adani’s plans will be dead. In Melbourne and in the seats surrounding it we have the closest Greens/Labor marginal electorates in Australia. This means we are the perfect place to send an unequivocal message to the Labor Party that they must stop this dirty carbon bomb.

Host a Stop Adani placard on your front fence to send a powerful message to Bill Shorten that he must Stop Adani. 


Will you host a placard on your front fence showing you want Labor to Stop Adani?