Replace Yallourn

Yallourn is Australia's dirtiest coal power station.

We're calling on the Andrews Labor Government to Replace Yallourn with renewable energy and new jobs in the Latrobe Valley.

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Patricia Reilly James Graham Miranda Jones Kevin Williams Robert Doble Clare Elliott

Why is this important?

Why is this important?

Every day, Yallourn spews out climate destroying emissions and toxic chemicals, including sulfur, nitrous oxide, mercury and small particle pollution.

Yallourn is destroying our climate and killing our community.

It's time to replace Yallourn with clean energy and new jobs.

Neither Labor nor the Liberals have a plan to move us away from coal and gas, or to reign in the big corporate coal companies.

In fact, in the last term of government, Labor extended the mining license for Yallourn, allowing it to burn coal when we should be moving to clean energy. 

So now its up to us!

It's up to all of us to show the Government that Victorian's want an end to polluting, toxic coal, starting with Yallourn. 

Join our campaign and lets do this!